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Elina Baumbach
Master of Arts (MA)

I believe that literary translations should equivalently convey the specific atmosphere of a source text in the target language. Thorough research, an acute sense for linguistic as well as topical nuances and an articulate writing style are the basis of all my translations whilst always taking into consideration the respective cultural contexts.



Competent and Reliable

Literarische Übersetzung

literary Translations

Übersetzung von Sachbüchern

Translation of Nonfiction & Texts in the field of Art History

Literarische Übersetzung und Gutachten

Copy Writing

Lektorat und Korrektur

Copy editing & Proofreading of a variety of text genres 

The adherence to schedules and meeting deadlines is of the utmost importance to me; owing to meticulous research, authorial creativity, and a deep cultural sensitivity I unfailingly deliver high-quality translations.

Cost: Depending on length and difficulty of the text and nature of the job either €/word, €/standard page, or €/hour will be invoiced.

Work Samples



The excerpts of the works by Dickens, Stevenson, and Woolf are short samples of my work that was compiled as part of my master studies. The texts by Meena Kandasamy and Ytzhak Laor were translated for the Munich Literature Festival 2019. In 2022 I have completed translations of two English novels for the German publishing house Klett-Cotta; the books will be published in spring 2023. 

Some of my clients:

Literarische Übersetzung

Klett-Cotta Publishing House

Literarische Übersetzung

University of Passau

Literarische Übersetzung

Maximilianmuseum Augsburg

Literarische Übersetzung

Bavarian State Opera Munich


Literarische Übersetzung Elina Baumbach

Short Profile

Languages and literature have long been a passion of mine, and so, after many years of teaching English in Vietnam I decided to devote myself to it full-time. I returned to Germany in order to translate this plan into action. First I completed a bachelor’s course in English language and literature at the University of Augsburg, and subsequently began studying the master’s course „Literary Translation“ at the LMU Munich, which I successfully completed in August 2020.  

  • seit 2021:
    | Lecturer for translation at the Uni Passau Language Centre |
  • 2020:
    | Recipient of the Bavarian Scholarship “Young Art & New Pathways” |
  • Since 2019:
    | Freelance literary translator |
  • 2018 – 2020:
    | Master’s course “Literary Translation” | Master’s thesis “Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood – An Annotated Retranslation” |
  • 2015 – 2018:
    | Bachelor’s course “English Language & Literature” (major) / “Art History” (minor) | Bachelor’s thesis “Shortcomings of the Retranslation Hypothesis – A Case Study of Three German Retranslations of Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer” |
  • 2007 – 2015:
    | ESL teacher at (i.a.) the British Council, Saigon |




Elina Baumbach

TEL +49 177 3080 458